• Dallol- 'The most colorful & One of the Lowest point.'
    Dallol- 'The most colorful & One of the Lowest point.'

    Dallol/Denakil Depression is one of the lowest and the most colorful place in the world. It is located in the Afar Triangle. It is the best place for adventure tourists. You'll experience the longest camel caravan, the potash field, the salt workers, the salt pillars and the lake are some of the points to explore.

Ethiopia Adventure Tour To Dallol And Ertale

Dallol is at the northern-most extension of the Great Rift Valley – the largest geographical feature in Africa and it is the only volcanic crater below sea level on land. The most recent of its craters, Dallol, was formed during an eruption in 1926. Colorful hot springs and fumarole deposits are found in the area. There are hot yellow sulphur fields among the sparkling white salt beds. The smell of sulfur was everywhere and the area looks like another planet, there are lots of colorful rocks here and there. There were no rails, no walkways, so one must be careful when walking as not to step on pools of boiling water.

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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1

Flight To Semera

Meet with the representative of our company. Catch your domestic flight ET 110 arrived in Semera at 08:20 to Semera. Process the entrance fee in Semera. Drive Straight to Ert-Ale. On the way at Kurswad, process the camel. Early dinner & pack the staffs on the camel. Start trekking to the mountain for the Volcano. The whole night stay at the Crater. O/N. On Mattress at the Rim of the Crater

Day 2

Night In Ert-ale

Stay the whole day at the rim of the crater and enjoy the day-time beauty of the volcano and the surrounding area. Ert-Ale is the only active volcano to be visited very close. O/N. On Mattress at the Rim of the Crater

Day 3


Make another early morning photo of the crater then start descending down. At the parking place, you will meet the other staffs, get your breakfast. Then start driving back to Amedeilla, where we can base to explore Dallol, one of the most colorful and the second lowest point in the world-Denakil Depression. O/N. Camping @ Amedeilla

Day 4

Denakil Depression/Phosphurus

Have breakfast and excursion trip to Dallol.  Located at the northern tip of Ethiopian rift Valley system and it is an hospitable and one of the lowest point the BEST COLOURFUL PLACE IN the universe having 116 meters below sea level.  This area characterized by the colorful phosphorus and sulphur zone.  Visit also the water which forms the fountain.  Include the salt pillars and the red salt in your visit. Pay a visit also to  the salt workers called “AROHOS” who they dig, measure, shape/ form the bar salt from the salt lake  and load on the Camels.  Visit Lake Asale.  Await thousands of camels (about 2000 – 3000) at a time forming the longest Camel Caravan in the World.  Take time to take pictures.  O/N. Camping @ Amedeilla

Day 5


Leave Dallol for the drive to Mekele. Take evening flight back to Addis Abeba.