Market Days in Omo Valley

Posted by Sileshi on Mon June 7, 2021 in Things to do in Ethiopia.

Our customized tour to Omo valley region will give you a chance to visit the market days and enjoy with the beauty and diverse cultural interaction. Enjoy the best African Pagan markets in South Omo region and meet the tribes. Experience their culture. Enjoy the beauty of the area.


Towns:   Arbore / Kako / Turmi
Meet:     Arbore & Tsemay / Ari & Banna / Hamer & Bashada


Towns:  Dimeka / Jinka / Kangaten / Omorate
Meet:    Banna, Bashada, Hamer, Karo & Tsemay / Ari, Banna, Bashada & Mursi / Nyangatom & Karo /             Dasanach


Towns:  Key Afer / Giyo
Meet:    Banna, Hamer & Tsemay / Ari, Dime, Mursi & Surma


Towns:  Dimeka / Kangaten / Jinka / Omorate
Meet:    Banna, Bashada, Hamer, Karo & Tsemay / Nyangatom & Karo  / Ari, Banna, Bashada & Mursi / Dasanech


Towns:  Hana Mursi
Meet:    Ari, Dime, Mursi & Surma