• Maria/Walter Stoser & Sigfried Visiting the northern part of Ethiopia

Guest Reviews

Sileshi was enthusiastic, trustworthy, reliable, flexible and responsive to our needs and requirements and a good communicator and organizer. He was prepared to go the extra mile to make our trip truly memorable.

Robin & Veronica Cross

Devon, UK

Sileshi is excellent in his talent to bring real authentic life into every day. It was a pleasure for us with his help to meet people, to talk with them and to learn about the way of living.
We are frequent travelers and have been in many countries. It would be a pleasure for us if we could find such a guide as Mr. Tesfaye in other countries.

Walter and Maria Stösser


Dear Sileshi. Margit and I do thank you for the wonderful trip we had in Ethiopia in October 2017.
The magic colours on Erta Ale and in the Dallol region were unbelievably great! The second week of our tour in Lalibela and in the Semien NP were amazing as well.

Margit and TobiasSwitzerland


Sileshi is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Ethiopian society and was very keen to share with us the history, the culture and customs of the various ethnic groups we visited (Konso, Hammer, Mursi, Karo and more), the food, and the music of his country. We can only praise his kindness towards us and his patience as a guide. We are also very grateful to our resourceful driver Tensaye. Together they made a strong team and created a memorable trip for us.
We hope these comments will help other travellers in planning their trips to Ethiopia.

Franoise and Sarala


You won’t be disappointed by Sileshi's professionalism, his competency, and his deep knowledge of Ethiopia. Plus support a local tour company!

Sahelit Bahiru

University of California, Berkeley

I had the pleasure to travel with Sileshi Tesfaye for two weeks through Ethiopia. He has an excellent understanding of the needs of his international customers and is delivering a great service.

Dr. Dominik Meyer